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Prepare Your Pond For Winter By Having Landscaping Companies Perform Fall Maintenance

landscaping companies Olympia, WAGarden ponds enhance the aesthetic of your landscape by adding water elements that contain different varieties of flowers, plants, as well as fish. However, now that we are entering fall, there are essential things that must be done to prepare your pond for the winter weather change. For you to be able to maintain a healthy and beautiful pond throughout winter, you will need to employ a professional landscaping company to perform fall maintenance tasks.

Here are some things Olympia, WA landscaping companies address during a fall maintenance visit to prepare ponds for winter.


The majority of Olympia landscapers will agree that this is the right time to trim water plants for winter. Many flowering plants will have lost their bloom and will only create debris in the pond if left unattended over the winter. A professional landscaping company will remove all debris and dead blooms, leaving no straggling withering plants, and cut them back to make sure they grow bushy again for spring.


If you have fish in your pond, a professional landscaping company will offer several ways to prepare the fish for the stark change in climate. They will advise that you reduce the amount of food given to the fish immediately before the temperature drops to ten degrees or below. This is because fish enter a period of hibernation during the winter. The fish are likely to sink deeper to the bottom of the pond where pond water is warmer. The surface of the pond should not be left to freeze beyond zero. A landscaping company will prevent this by using a floating duck or move the pump close to the surface to prevent formation of ice. They will also recommend removing filtration devices and having them cleaned and stored safely until winter passes.


Professional landscaping companies will best perform a deep cleaning of your pond before winter. They will remove any sludge that has formed at the deep end of your pond from fish excrement and rotten foliage to allow for fresher water and space. They will also change the water during deep cleaning and protect your plants from harsh atmosphere by transposing further down in the pond. Landscaping companies might also be able to advise you in the type of protective net you should invest to reduce the amount of sludge and debris collecting at the bottom where your fish are likely to hide.

Oliver’s Landscaping Service is a pond contractor that focuses on pond maintenance, installation, and repair service. Our Olympia, WA landscaping company has been preparing ponds for winter for over two decades. You will have the assurance of knowing your pond’s maintenance was done by a landscaping company experienced in pond installation and care. We are among the few landscaping companies committed to offering quality customer service at affordable process. You want a reputable, professional, landscaping company, and that is exactly what you get when you choose to work with Oliver’s Landscaping service. We are able to execute landscaping projects of any size, from pond installation to maintenance, be it residential or commercial. Oliver’s Landscaping is licensed and insured. Call our landscaping company to get a free quote.



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