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Transform Your Lawn By Landscaping With Rocks

landscaping with rocks olympia, waDesigners often enjoy landscaping with rocks because the material is durable, versatile and economical. The rich colors, which are available in most rocks, allow you to easily introduce contrast, texture, and other elements, making a garden more interesting. Once you utilize natural stone in your garden, you won’t have to do much to maintain it.

You can do landscaping with rocks of different sizes. It doesn’t matter how small or large your garden is, a designer can help you to come up with ideas that will completely transform the way that you look at and enjoy your home. These are the combinations used most frequently by landscape designers:

-Small rocks with tiles
-Rocks and boulders
-Rocks and gravel

Where To Use Natural Stone

Rocks can help you to create almost any look that you desire for your home. You can use them in your:

-Fire pit
-Stepping stones

When you are landscaping with rocks, you don’t always have to use them exactly as they are. Play with their shape, texture, and color to produce something unusual, or a look that will impress and remain with visitors for a long time. While the natural colors of rock are certainly eye-catching, painted rocks can be beautiful too. If you decide to do this, look for an extremely weather-resistant paint such as enamel. Painted rocks have a lovely shape and can be used on your backyard or front yard. You can build a kennel using rock, or use it in other uncommon ways to add a special touch to your environment.

Gorgeous Pathways

Quirky pathways will entrance younger members of your family and grab the attention of visitors. Crushed rock makes beautiful pathways. This is ideal for people who want a more relaxed look around their home. Pathways can also be made of uneven rock, which have a jagged edge look that fits better with certain garden themes. These meandering paths tend to blend in well with the rest of your garden and look like they’ve been a part of it for years.

Create Sectors In Your Garden

Rocks make it easier to create smaller sections within your garden that family members and visitors can enjoy on their own. They make it easy to divide an area into separate areas, each one with its own purpose. For example, you can have a zone set aside with lavender and a small bench for reading or sewing. Another area could have a rock bench made of a flagstone and beautiful tumbled stones where an artist could work in quiet.

Relaxing Ponds

People like ponds and other bodies of water because they tend to be relaxing. You can have a very small pond in your garden, even if you only have a little space to spare. An experienced landscape designer can help you to make the best use of the area that you have, if you want this feature included.

Create a small pond decorated with pebbles painted in varying shades of green. They will add emphasis to the plants that you choose and help to keep soil erosion under control. Rocks help water plants to thrive by providing them with a solid foundation. You can use granite, flagstone, and many other types of rocks on the edge of your pond.

Tree Rings

Tree protection rings made of rocks serve a dual purpose. They protect your tree and make your garden more attractive. Usually, it is better to have some sort of barrier between the tree that you have so carefully nurtured and the edge of a lawnmower or weed eater. A ring of stones around the base of your tree also provides the same protection that a layer of mulch would give but with less effort required for maintenance. Once your tree protection ring is set up, you can place a bench right under the shade of one or make use of a hammock for afternoon naps.

Using Rocks Instead Of Mulch

Rocks can be used in place of mulch. They provide great ground cover and prevent soil erosion. A landscape designer can recommend ways in which you can get creative with rock painting order to create a theme in your garden. For example, you can edge a strawberry bed with rocks painted to look like the fruit. These help to prevent water loss from the soil, provide a border and beautify your residence.

As you can see, there are many ways you can incorporate landscaping with rocks into your landscape. Talk to a professional landscaper today to see just how we can transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor space.



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