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Transform Your Garden Through Lighting

landscape designers olympia wa Landscape designers can completely transform your home with unusual lighting. They can work with outdoor lights in any space that you have outside of your residence to produce something that you will enjoy every day. While most people are used to the excellent work that landscape designers do with green spaces, they sometimes forget that they can offer a myriad of options for nighttime as well.

Accentuate Your Home at Night

If a landscape designer has worked with you to create an outdoor area that you are proud of looking at during the day, they can adjust that space to have maximum impact during the night as well. Landscaping lights are specially designed to be used outside so they resist the elements.

Whether you live in an area where there’s a lot of sun or one where you get rain regularly, you can use them without worrying that they will become damaged by weather conditions. They help your home to look great at all hours of the night.

Designers will advise you on the type of finish that is best for your home. In some situations, shiny copper lights will complement your garden best. In other gardens, unusual porcelain or trendy matte black lighting may be the best choice.

Save Money and Protect the Environment

While there are various types of landscaping lights, those that are powered by the sun’s energy are ideal. Just a few hours of daylight will give you enough energy to operate these lights for quite a long time. By using them, you help to preserve the environment while ensuring that your residence feels comfortable.

Once you invest in these lights, you can enjoy them for a while without worrying about any additional charges for using them. You can get eco-friendly lights in any form so you never need to worry that you may not be able to find the type of lights you like best. They are exceptionally bright and you can easily change your lighting for special events such as dinner parties.

Improve Security

A well-lit area is more likely to deter unwanted visitors from your home. However, many homeowners don’t want to just put up lights in their yard that don’t suit the overall look of their home. Talented designers can help you to find fixtures that are an excellent match, complementing the flair that your yard already has.

Green spaces may be limited in their size but that never limits the impact that they can have in the hands of a talented designer. For some spaces, solar string lights may be just what you need to provide security and improve the aesthetics of your space. Trendy modern clipper lights may suit other environments while some homeowners will prefer traditional looking lights.

Whimsical Designs

Designers enjoy creating spaces that look original and have an impact on everyone who comes to their home. If you like to step a little bit out of the box or you are adventurous enough to leave the box far behind, landscape designers can help you choose lights and a garden layout that are out of this world.

Imagine a tranquil setting that reminds you of Alice in Wonderland, with trees shaped to look like the characters from the story. Beautiful bunnies, which are really solar lights in the form of rabbits, grace a path through vines which form a looking glass. Designers can create this and any other outdoor environment that makes you feel relaxed after a hard day of work.

No Wires Needed

Solar landscape lighting is excellent because it doesn’t require wires. There’s nothing for you to trip over. You won’t run the risk of having anyone electrocuted while work is being done on any part of your yard. Best of all, no unsightly wires will detract from the appearance of your home.


Choosing the right location for your lights can be tricky. For example, while putting these lights under shrubbery may seem like a good idea because of how your garden is designed, doing so will not allow them to get the maximum amount of sunshine during the day.

Fortunately, with the help of experienced landscape designers in Olympia, WA, you’ll find the perfect places to put them. They will consider factors such as security, maximum sun exposure and the overall look of your garden.



I highly recommend Oliver’s landscaping. Oliver Olszewsky’s ability and competence to address a variety of landscaping tasks and challenges along with his knowledge of plant material and flexibility would be an asset to any project.

- Heather Alejandro, Facility Management, Callison Inc.

 I was so pleased, and surprised, when Allen showed me the beautiful blue spruce that you gave to us.  It really finishes that corner, and we will enjoy it for all the years that we live in this house, and will think fondly of you and your kindness.

- Sharon Hayward