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5 Tips to Prepare Your Residential Landscape Design for Spring

As soon as winter is over, landscaping gardeners will have a reasonable excuse to get outside for spring cleanups. This is the right time when people are advised to prepare their outdoor landscape ready for spring. Indeed, investing in landscaping designs help add value to your home as well as improving its beauty. You may ask yourself, “What are some of valuable residential landscape design and maintenance tips that help people to prepare their landscapes ready for spring?”

If you find yourself inquiring this question, we have provided five simple tips to prepare your residential landscape design for spring.

1. Pruning
Pruning is one of the essential maintenance tips aimed at preparing your landscape for spring. By maintaining over grown portions of the plant, it helps to improve the health of your trees as well as removing dangerous limbs. In addition, pruning helps to revitalize bushes at your landscape while keeping their shape and size under control, which is essential for making your landscape more appealing. As a matter of fact, it is advised to prune your shrubs or trees just at the onset of the spring or during the early times of spring for the best results.

2. Edging
If you are planning to prepare your landscape for spring, then edging is an important aspect of residential landscape design that simply adds cleanliness to your yard. As a matter of fact, edging is a design method that defines the line between your lawn and landscaping. Edging has a couple of benefits, which includes preventing your beautiful grass from growing into your beds as well as improving the neatness of the entire outdoor landscape. Most people will attest that clean edging gives the landscape a sharp, elegant appearance.

3. Fertilizing
Fertilizing is an essential factor when it comes to preparing your landscape for spring. Adding fertilizers to your trees, shrubs and grass provide the required nutrients, which in turn helps them to grow healthy and strong. However, many people are not aware of the exact time they should do so. Gardening experts recommend that fertilizing should be done shortly before or after light rains. Nevertheless, if rain is not in the forecast, you are advised to water your trees, grass and shrubs first and wait for about two or three days for the water to get absorbed completely. As soon as all the water has been absorbed, you can now apply the recommended fertilizers and light watering should follow. In most cases, experts recommend application of pre-emergent herbicide alongside fertilizing. Pre-emergent herbicide plays a significant role in preventing crabgrass and other unwanted weeds.

4. Mulching
Mulching is another vital residential landscape design tip to follow in preparation for spring landscaping. If you want to improve the health of your outdoor plants as well as keeping the look of your landscape design elegant, then you are advised to consider mulching. Mulching helps to minimize weed growth, improves moisture retention, regulation of ground temperature, and at the same time, it controls water absorption by plants; which is important for the development of healthy plants. Ideally, when you are applying mulch to your planting, it should not exceed three inches. Consequently, if mulch exceeds the required limit, then it will create a good environment for insects that can latter attack your plants.

5. Planting or Transplanting
The list of the best 5 tips to prepare your residential landscape design would be incomplete without mentioning planting or transplanting. Spring is the absolute best time for planting and transplanting because the temperatures are still at idea levels, which means the new plants will hardly face any challenge adjusting to the new environment. In other words, the stress of drought and heat will be insignificant, making the planted plants to thrive quickly.



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