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More Tips on Keeping Your Lawn Properly Hydrated

So, aftresidential landscaping services, Olympia, WAer reading the watering tips from our last blog, you’ve been watering your lawn like a pro: watering in the morning, monitoring your lawn, and having residential landscaping services check to make sure your sprinkler is set at the correct water pressure. But, are there any more ways you can prevent your lawn from becoming dehydrated? Actually, there are, and in this blog we’ll cover even more tips on how to make sure your watering is as efficient as possible and your plants soak up every ounce of moisture they can.

Apply Mulch

Applying a decent amount of mulch around your plants can provide significant defense against hot weather and windy conditions. It protects the soil from direct sun exposure, therefore, keeping it moist. Mulch also reduces the amount of water evaporated from the soil. There are many different mulch materials you can use in landscape or garden. Light-colored mulches reflect sunlight better and will help maintain cooler surface conditions for soil. You can also use grass clippings as mulch. If you use freshly cut grass clippings from mowing, it is best to let it sit for a couple of days before using it as mulch. You can also use bark mulch, which is commonly used for shrub beds. It can prevent weed growth while also provide shade to soil, conserving water. However, bark mulch can contain weed seeds and caution should be taken. For more information about different types of mulches, or how to detect weed seeds in bark mulch, contact your nearest residential landscaping services company.

Mow With Care

Allow your grass to grow slightly taller than usual. Taller grass will cast longer shadows which will provide increased shading, helping the soil to retain moisture. For shade benefit, you should set your mower at a minimum depth of three inches. Some residential landscaping services companies set their mowers as high as six inches during times of heat waves or droughts. Setting your mower to the proper height will also promote a healthy lawn and reduce water use.

Aerate Compacted Soils

Compacted soils can stress your lawn. Aerating compacted soil in stressed area and giving it a good soaking solves the problem. Purchase a hand-operated coring aerator at a nursery, or hire professional residential landscaping services to do the job. Aeration should be done at least twice a year. Allowing the soil to soak up moisture more effectively.
Use a shade cloth to protect plants from direct sunlight.
Shade cloth can provide plants partial and temporary protection from the sun. In addition, they can be purchased at local gardening centers in a variety of sizes and degrees of sunlight protection. If you use a shade cloth, make sure to position it in a way that it blocks sunlight without suffocating your plants of oxygen. You do not need to enclose your plants with the shade cloth; usually positioning it on only one side or above the plant will suffice. You should also make sure that the shade cloth can withstand wind and will not harm plants by falling on them. If you would rather make your own shade cloth rather than purchase one, homemade clothes can be made by weaving strips of cloth through fish net and string them up over garden plants.

Increase the amount of wind breaks

Wind is amazingly effective at drying out soil, plants, and mulch so creating a wind screen, either by building a fence or growing a hedge, is recommended. Ideally it should allow air to flow through to prevent fencing from being hit with high winds and blowing over. A fence that allows air flow will also prevent heat from radiating onto nearby plants and disallow a heat trap to form. If possible, shade the fence with trees or hedges, or install a screen in between the fence and the plants.

For a more extensive consultation on how to best protect your plants and keep them well hydrated during this summer weather, contact residential landscaping services Olympia, WA.



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