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Living Fences- Plants That Form Great Barriers

landscapers Olympia WA Fences are an essential part of modern life and are seen in residential communities all around the world. Landscapers can help you to create living fences or espaliers by utilizing evergreen plants. Elegant, exotic Sunburst cherry and Provence pomegranate are just two of the attractive plants which can be shaped to produce a formidable barrier between your home and another person’s property.

People generally like using plants to create a privacy barrier because they are environmentally friendly, grow quickly and are relatively inexpensive. Individuals who do not want to use timber that has been treated with pesticides in their garden often welcome this option. Plants often come in sizes that are not as easy to obtain with wood or metal fencing.

Beautiful Sculpture

Espaliers have a rich tradition and may have first been used in Ancient Rome. While no one is certain that the early Romans can take all the credit, the technique for developing espaliers was perfected hundreds of years ago and landscape designers can help you to enjoy it today.

Your landscapers can prune the trees you choose into a number of intricate shapes. Some of the more popular patterns for living fences include diamonds, horizontal arms and elbows. They are beautiful to see both from a distance and up close. Some people enjoy the look of living fences formed with trees such as magnolia and crab apple which produce gorgeous flowers.

Fruitful Boundaries

Europeans have always grown trees to form a flat long line separating homes. Many different types of trees can be used to form espaliers. In the United States, fruit trees are the most popular choices. If you have been looking for a way to enhance the level of privacy you experience in your own home, this is a good option to consider.

Experienced landscapers are the best persons to help you create a living fence. They will have to prune the fruit trees you select in the shape that is best for the space which you have. Pears, apples and even delicious peaches can be used in this way. Imagine how beautiful and colorful your yard will look when your fruits are in season. Pruning trees in this way increases the yield of any fruit tree you wish to plant in your yard and makes it easier for you to pick the fruit by hand when they ripen.

Block Sound

Large properties which are close to the road will benefit from tall living fences. These help to block the sound of cars and pedestrian traffic, so you can fully enjoy your evenings and sleep better. Plants are very good at blocking sound, although some, such as willows and bamboos, can produce a light whistling sound.

Block Views

You can use living fences to block undesirable views. If you wish to relax in your backyard but don’t want to look out onto rubble or abandoned buildings, consider using a beautiful living fence to screen them. Even if you already have a brick wall giving some privacy to your yard, an espalier can give it additional height. Add white lights to your trees to decorate them at night and illuminate your path when you go out.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Living fences offer more protection from soil erosion than fences made of plastic or welded panels. They act as windbreaks and this stops your soil from drying out as quickly during the hot days of summer. That in turn helps to reduce the amount of time and money you spend on keeping your lawn looking fresh and green. When used along areas that slope, they help to reduce soil loss as well.

Deter Animals

Some people live in areas where they are plagued by animals that they need to keep out of their yard. If you grow vegetables and have them trampled by four footed visitors, a living fence may be the ideal solution for you. In cases like these, horny species will offer you additional protection against both people and animals.

Hawthorns usually have thick thorns that discourage animals from venturing onto your property. It also produces berries which have medicinal uses. You may also want to consider planting Rugosa rose, which has beautiful, fragrant roses and dark green leaves. These elegant plants will make a beautiful fence and help to keep your home secure without breaking your budget.

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