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Keep Your Landscape Properly Watered during this Heat Wave

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You’re probably already feeling it coming, but we’re set to receive a pretty intense heat wave over these next few weeks. With all of this glorious sunshine and albeit overwhelming heat, it is more important than ever that you keep your lawn and landscape properly watered. But what are the right ways to keep your lovely plants well hydrated? Watering during the wrong times of the day can dehydrate and scorch plants. To ensure your plants stay properly watered without causing them harm, here are some tips that landscaping companies in Olympia, WA suggest in regards to watering your landscape during the oncoming heat spell.

Water in the early morning.

Watering in the early morning reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation. During hot weather, surface soil dries out much more quickly which dehydrates shallow roots. By watering in the morning, the roots can absorb more moisture and stay better hydrated. Watering in the morning also prevents heat scald which can damage leaves which are watered with the sun is directly overhead. Landscaping companies suggest that it is best to get your watering in before 11 a.m.

Water by hand versus using a sprinkler.

Hand watering can be a pain, especially if you have a really big yard. However, hand watering allows you to deliver just the right amount of water to your plants, not too little and not drowning. Hand watering also allows for more consistent and targeted watering than with sprinklers. Most water from a sprinkler is lost to wind and evaporation during the hottest parts of the day because water mainly lands on the leaves of your plants. By hand watering, you can concentrate the water toward the soil and base of your plants, keeping their roots better hydrated.

If you do stick with a sprinkler, calibrate and time them properly.

If you do decide to continue watering your landscape with sprinklers, make sure that they are set to trigger at the right times during the day, and for the right timeframe. Also, make sure you adjust the sprinkler heads accordingly so there is consistent coverage, no overlap, and appropriate water pressure so that none of your plants are being pummeled by a constant stream of high pressure water or missed altogether.  It is best to schedule sprinklers to water in three short cycles, each about one hour apart, 4 minutes for each watering. Though you may be well-intentioned, having your sprinkler run for hours on end is not beneficial and actually can cause overwatering and rot.

Water multiple times a day.

During the hotter part of the season and in warmer climate zones, landscaping companies suggest that it may be appropriate to water your landscape multiple times a day. Observe your plants for signs that they need more water. If you do water your plants multiple times a day, make sure to not overwater, water consistently, and to only water in the mornings or late at night.

Keep a close eye on your landscape.

By closely monitoring your landscape, you can adjust watering times and increase or decrease as necessary. Shaded areas that receive less sunlight may not require as much watering as other parts of your landscape. If you notice your landscape’s soil looking consistently saturated, then you may even be able to water less frequently throughout the week. If you are unsure how to observe the overall health of your landscape and for signs of over- or under-watering, local landscaping companies in Olympia, WA can either determine this for you or teach you how to monitor your lawn.

Provide a deep water treatment every so often.

For trees and shrubs older than three years, water their roots deeply once every 7-10 days. To do so, run a drip system or make sure the soil is thoroughly watered for 1-3 hours to really saturate the root zone. Newer plants may require a deep watering twice as often until they are more firmly established.

For more advice on proper watering techniques for your landscape or to have professional landscapers take care of the task for you altogether, contact landscaping companies in Olympia, WA like Oliver’s to assist you.



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