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5 Tips On Choosing Sculpture For Your Garden

Olympia landscapers Adding sculpture to your garden is a great way to show your unique sense of style. Many public gardens have some form of art, whether those are murals, installations, or sculptures. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens have hosted statuettes by several famous artists in the past. While the carvings you use in your garden don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, they should fit the overall theme of your space. Olympia landscapers can help to choose and position a sculpture that suits your needs best.


Art engages visitors to your home and brings out the best features in your garden. With this in mind, bigger is not always better, since a very large statue may actually block elements of your garden that you wish to display. Really small statuettes which are placed in positions where they are not expected can surprise and delight visitors to your home.

Sometimes you need a really big statue to make a big open space a lot more interesting. Many large public gardens use figures in this way and they manage to instantly transform unimaginative areas into captivating places where visitors eagerly have lunch or spend several hours relaxing with friends.

It may be tempting to buy a sculpture on impulse and hope it will fit a specific spot when you return home but you take a risk when you do this. Establish the dimensions of the area first and then make your purchase. Olympia landscapers can help you to measure the space for your statue before you buy it or commission it. That way, you will know that it will fit the spot perfectly.


Statues can take on several forms. If you enjoy abstract art, you may not want a sculpture in your yard that can be instantly recognized as a representation of a bird or a perfect storm. People who enjoy the written word may like artwork that consists of letters. Visual artist Robert Indiana does intriguing work with words. The Garden of the Fansworth Museum uses his “Love” sculpture to good effect.

Outdoor sculpture tends to be in colors like brown, white or black, since these usually contrast well with any flowers or shrubs that gardeners may have. Colors which deviate slightly from that, such as gold, work well with figures in motion. Statues of dogs, horses and other animals prancing in your garden are fun, especially when they are in interesting positions.


As much as you may enjoy wood or metal, sculptures made of these materials may not be ideal for your garden because of its location. If you wish to place a statue in a particular position, there may be materials that would do better in that area than others. Landscapers have lots of experience with the effect that time and the environment can have on different materials and they can advise you as to what would suit you best.

Some outdoor sculptures are made of glass. This makes them perfect for lily ponds, water walls and streams with koi. Artist Dale Chihuly has gorgeous figures made of blown glass, which blend beautifully with the natural world. Metallic sculptures near a body of water can reflect it and be reflected in the pool, making the setting more interesting.

Directing The Eyes

Interior designers tend to place accessories in a room in a position which allows them to direct the viewer’s eyes where they want them to go. Landscapers do the same thing. Seemingly accidental placements of flowering shrubs, trees and stones are planned to lead each visitor’s eyes through points of interest in a garden.

A statue that is quite large may be better placed at the edge of a large lawn. There, it can shine in all its glory without competing with any other garden element. If you have a fantastic view of a hill or mountain in the background of your home, a statue can be put in a position which directs the eye upward.


Ultimately, despite all the advice friends and experts may give, the final decision comes down to you. The figure that you choose should have meaning to you and suit your personal preferences. You will have to look at the statue you choose every day. If you like it, it will achieve its main purpose, which is to bring you delight every time you look at it in your personal space.



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