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About our Landscaping Design in Olympia, WA

Owner Oliver Olszewsky has more than 25 years of landscaping experience in Europe and America, and his international travels and studies give him a world of knowledge. He is a highly respected multi-level landscaping professional with creative design concepts and excellent execution.

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Oliver Olszewsky grew up in a landscaping family in Munich, Germany. His father, Olf Winand is one of Germany’s most well respected landscape architects, having installed landscaping for BMW, Mercedes Benz as well as for many fashion designers and celebrities in the Munich area. Oliver began supervising crews for his father beginning at the age of 14. In 1988 Oliver completed formal studies at the University of Oldenburg obtaining his ‘Garten bau Techniker’, ( Horticulture B.S. equiv.) In 1989, he was selected to travel to the U.S. with the government program, ‘Experience International’, in which participants learned landscaping techniques from other nations. Oliver had the opportunity to work with acclaimed firms such as Briggs Nursery, Tsuki Nursery, and Phil Hulbert Landscaping, Inc.

This experience, along with intense studies at taken at SPSCC helped to give him an even broader understanding of the various disciplines within the landscaping industry. While in the U.S. Oliver met and married his American wife Ingrid and returned with her to Munich, Germany where at the age of 28 he took over the sales, production and landscaping operations from his own production nursery just outside of Munich, as well as working for the family landscaping company in Munich. Ten years later, with their son ready to enter into school, Oliver and Ingrid made the decision to move back to the U.S. and specifically to the region they both love, the Pacific NW, to start their own company. And in 2001 they established their company in Olympia, Wa, Oliver’s Landscaping & Garden Service, LLC. Despite the tough economy post 9-11, Oliver was determined to make his company a success, and so he started by simply going door to door, pruning shears in hand, asking if the home owners needed any help with their gardens. It did not take long for Oliver’s reputation as a highly skilled landscaper as well as horticulturalist of the highest degree, to spread. The rest they say is history, and their company has flourished here in this beautiful part of the world, where the moist and mild climate make landscaping possible year around!



I highly recommend Oliver’s landscaping. Oliver Olszewsky’s ability and competence to address a variety of landscaping tasks and challenges along with his knowledge of plant material and flexibility would be an asset to any project.

- Heather Alejandro, Facility Management, Callison Inc.

 I was so pleased, and surprised, when Allen showed me the beautiful blue spruce that you gave to us.  It really finishes that corner, and we will enjoy it for all the years that we live in this house, and will think fondly of you and your kindness.

- Sharon Hayward